Reading & Phonics

Phonics are learned daily at EYFS and Key Stage 1.

At Netheravon All Saints we believe that reading is a key to all learning.

One method of learning to read is from memorising sight words however, this method does not work for all.

Secure phonic knowledge is a method which enables us to read the code of text but it is only part of the story in successful reading. The complex activity of reading does involve decoding letters to make words, but more importantly entails translating those words into a message that has meaning.

Did you know?

  • Children who read and share books everyday are more likely to become good readers.

  • Children need to know why they need to read.

  • Children who belong to a library and choose their own books are more likely to develop a love of books.

  • The comfort of reading with your child in a cosy place with love encourages good reading.

  • Children who know nursery rhymes are more likely to show interest in reading.

  • Children who see their parents reading at home are more likely to read.

Download our ‘Sounds - Write’ Presentation for more information (.pdf)

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