At Netheravon All Saints, PSHE is underpinned by the ethos and values of our school as reflected in our whole school vision – Nurturing minds and Aiming high to Succeed and flourish.  Our PSHE curriculum encompasses our School’s Christian principles of Love, Compassion, Hope, Friendship and Trust.  We strive to nurture our children and develop their knowledge and understanding of how to stay safe and healthy within an ever changing and complex society. Through our PSHE curriculum we endeavour to inform, support and promote our children’s spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development, thus preparing them for their next step of life’s journey.


At Netheravon All Saints, we use the Jigsaw Scheme of Work for PSHE which is accredited by the PSHE Association.  This comprehensive scheme comprises six ‘puzzles’ which are explicitly taught from year R to year 6, carefully structured to meet the needs of children as they grow and develop.  This learning is reinforced and enhanced within our school through daily Collective Worship, our praise and reward systems, our Learning Charter and through our daily relationships – child to child, adult to child, adult to adult. Community experiences also promote this learning together with National Events such as Anti-bullying week. 


The Relationships and Sex Education part of PSHE is taught sensitively to our children promoting their personal, physical, moral and emotional development.  The school is supported by expert visitors such as our School Nurse. 

The Jigsaw scheme of work is again carefully structured through the primary years, providing an holistic approach ensuring learning is reinforced through the year and across the curriculum.  Relationship Education focuses on the following aspects:  families and people who care for me; caring friendships, respectful friendships, online friendships and being safe.  Sex Education teaches the children in a sensitive, age appropriate manner about puberty and the associated physical and emotional changes from year 3 onwards.  Our science curriculum will reinforce some of this learning.  We have positive and supportive relationships with parents and carers, and inform them of the school’s RSE policy and practice.  Parents have the right to withdraw their child from some or all of sex education.


Through the high quality first teaching of PSHE & RSE, Netheravon learners will develop the knowledge and understanding that helps them to be healthy in body and mind.  They will grow as individuals, able to articulate and express their personal thoughts and opinions.  They will be able to navigate social situations through being able to self-regulate, compromise and problem-solve.  They will understand their role as citizens and members of a community, and the part they can play as such.  They will be able to assess risk and make decisions as a result of considering consequences.  They will achieve a balance and self-understanding that helps their learning in all areas of the curriculum.  They will develop an understanding of the fundamental British Values - Democracy, Rule of Law, Respect, Tolerance and Individual Liberty which will enable them to be ready to access the next stage of their learning.