Music Lessons

Sam Goffen of Goffen Guitar Schools

Sam offers group guitar lessons for KS1 and KS2 children, which are all about learning in a fun, supportive environment and instilling a love of music.  Children learn the basics of playing the guitar including chords and individual notes so they have the ability to then go on and specialise in either classical guitar through the Trinity syllabus or acoustic / electric guitar through Rockschool’s.

Children are encouraged to perform in school when possible, usually in their learning groups, which also helps promote confidence, self-esteem, and provides important recognition for all the hard work that’s involved in learning an instrument.

 Music is also known to be an important factor in children’s well-being and helps provide both an outlet and a medium of expression as well as being something that can be shared and enjoyed by all.

If your child is interested in lessons, please contact Sam at

Elaine Reed – Piano and Flute Lessons

Learning to play an instrument has huge benefits to our children. As well as learning to make Music, the intricacies of their chosen instrument and all the skills and understanding that accompanies this; children also gain transferable skills such as self-discipline, perseverance and organisation. They learn to express themselves through Music, gain confidence and enjoy increased self-esteem. Opportunities are made for children to perform regularly in assemblies and other events throughout the school year. Whether performing for others or personal enjoyment, children increase their sense of pride and achievement.

Flute and Piano are taught in weekly, individual half-hour lessons (although shared lessons on flute are available if two or more students are of a similar standard). Recorders are taught in small groups. Children are prepared and entered for examination with the Royal Schools of Music as progress allows.  Students have gained Music scholarships at leading independent schools (e.g. Dauntseys) and are prepared for the audition process as applicable. Students have gone on to study Music at University (including gaining keyboard scholarship at Oxford University) and pursued careers in Music.  However, whatever the child’s ambition, the emphasis is to nurture a life long love of Music, encouraging them to enjoy their own personal musical journey. 

Please contact Mrs Reed directly on 01980 620926 for more information or to book a space.