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Collective Worship

At Netheravon All Saints we provide religious education and daily collective worship for all registered pupils and actively promote their spiritual, moral and cultural development.

Collective worship takes place every morning, with the school community coming together at the start of the day. Worship is led by the Headteacher or another member of the teaching staff, with children sometimes leading as well. On a Thursday morning a member of the local clergy comes in to deliver worship, and on a Friday we celebrate children's achievements with certificates and other awards. Worship gives us the opportunity to sing together, listen to or join in with a prayer, and to have a quiet moment of reflection before our daily learning begins.

Each term, we focus on one of our values or an aspect of our vision statement to deepen the children's understanding of these key aspects of our school life. These are explored through stories and examples of people - past or present - who have demonstrated these values. As such, worship forms an important part of our personal development curriculum.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from the daily act of collective worship if they wish. Please speak to the Headteacher if you wish to make this request.

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